• Order
    1 - Order Confirmed

    Once we have received your order officially, then we start processing to further steps. As order confirmation is the very first thing to come into the picture.

  • 2 - Approval of Layout

    After order confirmation, our engineers start working on the layouts of the work, and with multiple layouts we take the approval from the client. And once the layout is approved we proceed to the next step.

  • 3 - Cutting Material

    According to the layout approval, we start cutting the material so that we can start the inintial shaping on the project. And it involves multiple steps to complete the material cutting.

  • 4 - Fabricate Structure

    After cuttung the material we start fabricating the structure of the project. Which is very important part for a better project outcome.

  • 5 - Welding & Water Proofing

    After completion of the fabrication we come up with a real structure of the project and further we start joining the work with welding. Once welding completed, next step is very important which is water proofing. As we have to deliver a cabin which can be used in any wether conditions.

  • 6 - Chemical Cleaning & Primer Coating

    After water proofing, we have to take the cirrective measures for the cleaning as well, so we opt the chemical cleaning. Once cleaning done we coat the cabins with primers for inner looks as designs.

  • 7 - Concealed Internal Wiring

    And this step involves the wiring of the complete cabin, as the wiring is the crutial part of the cabins. We have to be very sure that all the wiring is working properly and making no harm to the cabin.

  • 8 - Insulation & Internal Panelling

    Insulation and internal panelling involves the insulation of complete cabin and installing the paneles properly. So that we can ensure the durebility of the cabin.

  • 9 - Light, AC and Socket Fitting

    In this step we connect the cabins with lights. So that we can work inside without any pproblem. And for best environment we have to use AC. We install AC in the cabins and then for charging or connecting with electricity we install the sockets for multple use.

  • 10 - Outer Body Coloring

    After completion on inside built, we start the painting of outer side of the cabins. And this also depents on the color layout approved by the client. There are multiple colors used for outer cabin painting. But sometimes clients prefer single colour for outer area.

  • 11 - Internal Finishing & Cleaning

    While working on the project usually it happens that there are so many foot prints and some garbej stays arround work process. So for final deployment again we prefer cleaning the complete cabing while finishing the project.

  • D
    12- Inspection & Dispatch

    At Last, our engineers inspect the complete work and ensure that the perfect work is done. And the once inspection completed, we handover the project to the dispatch unit. So that they can dispatch the project to the mentioner address of the client.

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